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Groups LEClare Created



    Information and discussions about local business and information for business owners in the Long Eaton area

    64 members



    Any topic relating to the health of Long Eaton people and the health services provided in the area.

    28 members


    Entertainment & Nightlife

    A group for those interested in Entertainment, eg. events, nights out, theatre, pub and club nights

    39 members



    Photos of Long Eaton, events in Long Eaton, Sawley, Breaston etc.

    46 members


    Hints and Tips

    If you have information, an item on sale, a recipe to feed a family on a budget or any way to help beat the recession for the people of Long Eaton, you can post it in this group. Join to receive hints and tips!!!

    13 members

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Groups LEClare Joined

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    Find a wide range of property in Bideford including houses and flats for saleand to rent, estate agents and lettings agents

    34 members

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    Performances of Musicals, Plays, Recitals etc.

    20 members

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    Live Music

    Live Music in Long Eaton sponsored by The Long Eaton and Nottingham Gig Guide

    25 members

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    Local events in the area.

    69 members

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    Information for newcomers to the area

    40 members

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Clare Green

Why I like Long Eaton

Long Eaton people are survivors. It's not so long ago the town had a thriving lace industry and it's seen some tough changes, but the people carry on. They're usually open and friendly and Long Eaton itself has some great features... I like West Park, Trent Meadows off Meadow Lane, and Trent Lock in Sawley. I also love the Library and garden.

Why I don't like Long Eaton

I think it's suffered badly, particularly in the town centre. The variety of shops and pubs decreases on an ongoing basis. Soon we're going to have nothing but charity shops :(


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